When someone with IDD has comprehensive needs, certain technology can help them move out of a group home and live on their own.

• Panic Buttons – Installed in bathrooms and portable ones to keep with you if you cant get to phone for help

•MedMinder – Reminds you to take your meds and will send an email and an alarm will sound if you forget to take your meds. People no longer need to pre-pour and set up pills.

• Stove Auto On/Off Button – Another way to meet levels of care and safety in the home is with the automatic timer that turns off your stove if it’s on too long.

• Door Alarms – If your door is left open, a 2-way communication system is installed. You will receive a call and get checked on and you can let the caller know if you need help.

Check out our video explaining the benefits and how we work with people with barrier issues to make it possible for them to live independently within the community. Helping them to achieve their dream to live life to the fullest.